The Explosion Protection Equipment Guide for Mariners


Edition: First
No. of Pages: 436, Chapters: 9; Figures: 290
ISBN: 9789352138630
Month and Year of Publication: August 2019
Authors: J Majumder and Elstan A. Fernandez
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About the Book

This book is an easy-to-understand guide, for those who work closely with electrical and associated equipment in Hazardous Areas on-board all types of ships and in similar environments at sea or ashore.


Chapter No. Title Page No.
1  Common Hazards, Hazardous Areas and  Guidelines 1
2  Dust – Its Hazards and Guidelines 53
3  Non-Intrinsically Safe Equipment 91
4  Intrinsically Safe Equipment 157
5  Static Electricity and its Control 223
6  Earthing and Bonding 255
7  Gas Analysers and Measuring Instruments 273
8  Emergency Shutdown System 327
9  Inspection and Maintenance of Ex Equipment 365



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