Testing of Electronic Components on Ships and Land


Edition: First
No. of Pages: 106, Articles: 11; Figures: 86
Print ISBN: 9789385889837; E Book ISBN: 9789385889707
Month and Year of Publication: July 2020
Available from July 2020
Authors: Elstan A. Fernandez, Dr. Prosanjeet J. Sarkar


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About the Book

Component Testing is the essence of troubleshooting! This is specifically written to guide students, hobbyists and engineers while troubleshooting Printed Circuit Boards, Cards and such Sub-units. It will help one to quickly test almost all suspected components and ascertain their capabilities, to ensure safe operation of equipment.

Articles of Interest

  1. Basic Measuring Instruments
  2. Basic Components (R-L-C)
  3. Semiconductors
  4. Programmable Logic Controller
  5. Communication Protocol
  6. Switches and Relays
  7. Tube Light
  8. Electrical Heater
  9. Some Basic Hand Tools
  10. Supplies and Parts
  11. Useful Links


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