Marine High Voltage Technology


Edition: First
No. of Pages: 310; Chapters: 10; Figures 255; Questions: 73
ISBN: 9788175981799
Month and Year of Publication: February 2018
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Authors: J Majumder, Elstan A. Fernandez. Lakshman Singh Yadav
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About the Book

With reference to the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments, this book caters to the knowledge requirements for Marine Engineers and Electro Technical Officers as follows:

At the Operational Level

  • The hazards associated with high voltage systems;
  • The functional, operational and safety requirements for a marine high voltage system;
  • Basic arrangement of high voltage systems and their protective devices;
  • Safety procedures related to high voltage systems; and
  • Immediate actions to be taken under fault conditions.

At the Management Level

  • The functional, operational and safety requirements for a marine high voltage system;
  • Assignment of suitably qualified personnel to carry-out maintenance and repair of high voltage switchgear of various types;
  • Taking remedial action necessary during faults in a high voltage system;
  • Producing a switching strategy for isolating components of a high voltage system;
  • Selecting suitable apparatus for isolation and testing of high voltage equipment;
  • Carrying out a switching and isolation procedure on a marine high voltage system, complete with safety documentation; and
  • Performing Insulation Resistance (IR) and Polarization Index (PI) tests on high voltage equipment.


Main Chapters
Chapter No. Title Page No.
1  Marine High Voltage Regulations 1
2  High Voltage Hazards and Protective Equipment 21
3  High Voltage Safe Working Procedures 47
4  High Voltage Generation and Distribution 99
5  High Voltage Switchgear 139
6  High Voltage Protection Systems 171
7  Alternate Marine Power (Cold Ironing) 191
8  High Voltage Electrical Propulsion Systems 211
9  High Voltage Cables and Insulation Testing 253
10  Questions and Answers 275


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