Competency in Marine Electrical Engineering


Edition: Second
No. of Pages: 660; Chapters: 11; Figures: 419; Questions: 502
ISBN: 9789352134144
Month and Year of Publication: August 2015
First Edition Published in: August 2015
Authors: J Majumder and Elstan A. Fernandez
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DGS Approved HV Course


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About the Book

This book has been meticulously written in order to cater to the knowledge requirements of sailing Electrical Officers and Marine Engineers who aim to qualify Certificate of Competency Examinations. It is also a prescribed text book for approved High Voltage Courses.

Written in 11 chapters, the topics flow from those that are basic in nature to more complex systems and other equipment that are vital to a ship’s safe operation and maintenance.

Approval by Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India


Chapter No. Title Page No.
1  Electrical Safe Working Practice 1
2  The Practical Aspects of Electrical Circuits 25
3  Electronic Components 75
4  Alternators, Switchboards and Switchgear 125
5  Starters and Control Equipment for Motors 191
6  Miscellaneous Systems 263
7  Explosion Proof Equipment 307
8  Automation and Instrumentation 341
9  High Voltage Safety and Switchgear 407
10  Interpretation of Relevant SOLAS Regulations 485
11  Questions and Answers for Competency Exams 525
 Index of Key Words and Phrases 603
 Index of Figures 607
 Index of Tables 623



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