Applied Marine Control and Automation


Edition: First
No. of Pages: 310, Chapters: 10; Figures: 277
No. of Questions: 286
ISBN: 978-93-5213-919-4
Month and Year of Publication: August 2019
Authors: J Majumder, Elstan A. Fernandez, Mahesh Patil
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About the Book

This edition has been completely revised and updated to cater to the current syllabus requirements of Second Year BTech Marine Engineering students of the Commercial Shipping Industry, who study the subject “Applied Marine Control and Automation”. It is a precursor to Advanced Marine Control and Automation, which is studied in the Final year of the same program in India. This book contains relevant and concise information about the latest technological advances that the shipping industry has made in this sphere of engineering. It is also useful for engineering curricula in other institutions where Instrumentation and Control Engineering is a subject. Utmost care has been taken to explain each chapter in simple English and technical terms, keeping in mind the multi-lingual environment across the world.


Chapter No. Title Page No.
1  Introduction to Control Systems 1
2  Measuring Sensors 27
3  Signal Transmitting Devices 97
4  Control Systems 115
5  Correcting Units 163
6  Manipulating Elements 187
7  Application of Control on Ships 199
8  Miscellaneous Instruments 231
9  Terms and Definitions 267
10  Question Bank 277



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