Undoubtedly, you are a great writer, but at times a different perspective can help you notice what you otherwise overlook. Follow the checklist to make whole publishing process more efficient.
MANUSCRIPT Share the manuscript either in MS-Word (ver. 97, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016).


Spend too much effort on setting margins, paragraph / line spacing, indent, page breaks, section breaks, headers, footers, etc. The layout design team will handle it for you.
Proofread on your own before sharing. Send manuscript in parts, unless there is a strong reason to do so.
Share font files (ttf/otf), if your manuscript contains special font. Apply BOLD and ITALICs in the manuscript excessively.
Share citations for Prose (chapter headings and sub-headings) and Poetry (the poetry titles) clearly in your manuscript.
Share 100-150 words abstract About the Book.
IMAGES Send pictures/ photos/images, in JPG/JPEG, PNG or TIF formats.


Do not send any low-resolution image for the purpose of printing (cover design, illustrations, etc.). Images sent should have more than 300 dpi resolution.
Use standard naming convention for image files.

·        Caption your images

·        [Insert image01.jpg here]

·        Placed [CAPTION] immediately below the instruction/ comment to insert the image.

Try not to Embed images (if any) into the manuscript. Add instructions like: [Insert image01.jpg here] at appropriate place instead, and ensure that the right FILE NAME is used.
Either use photographs clicked by you, or created by your paid artist, or purchased from stock photo sites, or downloaded from copyright-free stock photo websites. Do not send images for cover without permission of the copyright holder in writing. This also applies for photographs or images used inside the book.
Either use CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop to produce acceptable art of high resolution, or discuss with about the artwork. We can connect you with specialist artists for adding illustrations and creating fantastic artworks for your book. Microsoft Word’s Paint and PowerPoint are NOT recommended to create art/illustration inside your manuscript as they do not produce high-quality printable art.


Keep a copy of the images with you.
AUTHOR Do list the author(s) name(s) in your manuscript. If you plan on using a pen-name (not your real name) in the published title, please mention it clearly in the manuscript as well as in the email.
Share 100-150 words write-up on “About the Author (s)”.
Share a photograph of the Author(s), where her/his face is clearly visible (to be printed/displayed on the back cover of the book). Image should be in JPEG/JPG/GIF/TIFF/BMP/PNG format.
FORMATTING Share detailed instructions for any special formatting requirements through email.
CONTACT Share one commonly used email id for correspondence. Avoid mailing from different email ids as it makes the whole project tracking process difficult.
Share your postal address where you want the book’s complimentary copies to be delivered.
Kindly share your contact number so that we can reach you at any point of time easily.
Update us of any change in email id, contact number or postal address.
Check emails regularly and try to stay active in communication
We Know from experience that, publishing a book is not Rocket Science but takes a lot of discipline and dedication.